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《Hunchun Guangsheng International Trade Co., Ltd》islocated in Xinan Street,Hunchun City ,Jilin Province.

The most advantage is that we are bounded by North Korea and Russia. Along with the good policy from the Government. It has been continue to make the company’s manage scope more consummate, developing more business and expand our company’s business in export and import progressively. There are many partners are doing business with us in many areas from all over the world. Such like Russia, Japan, Korea, North Korea ,The United States ,Canada, South East Asia , HongKong and so on .We believe that we have the best and the strictest rules of manage system to compete with other markets. Also we’ve got the favorable comment from the foreigners with our best quality and the reasonable price.

Scope of Business
  We specialized in building materials ,steel, Mineral products, petroleum and chemical products. We also provide the agency of trade in export and import as well as other value-added service.
   The honest personhood, does earnestly and satisfactory with the clients. Our Company would like to trade with each other on the basis of equality and mutual benefit .We shall be much abliged if you want to get to know us .Our interests concide with our clients. So ,Please contact us if you need our help .We will be very gald to reciprocate your assistance at any time .
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